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Picture the swankiest room in the Ganssevort , Park ave, NYC.

Adorned with a gorgeous black chandelier, sweeping staircase, airy balcony overlooking the bustling Park Ave and the daunting met life building. Now add an event designer, who designed the wedding for the Princess of Qatar, amazing wines, probably the world's best rum and a elite of elite of NYC (and some from Nashville) attending this soiree...

So no pressure, what do I make for this setting and for this elite group of foodies, who have probably eaten at the best places around the world. The initial was plan to make about 5-6 dishes, and me being me ended up making about 16 dishes. The idea was to make to make this small "wow" bites. From appetizers to desserts. These dishes needed to be the perfect balance of hot and cold, sweet and spicy, tart and bitter, delicious and delicious. Going to the farmers market and then I came up with the following menu. It was a labor of love. A menu that I was proud of.

charred sweet corn bisque khatte cumin shrimp with corn pepper salsa malai chicken sliders, cilantro aioli, pickled tandoori onions shredded tamarind ribs tarts, poat cheese parsley curried scallops on endamame pau bhaji puree truffled pork and chicken pate in zima yellow tomatoes
trio of peppercorn gazpacho ( strawberry black pepper, tomatillo pickled green peppers,pineapple pink peppercorn) NY strip spicy fig mostarda crostin kumomoto oysters with spicy tapioca beads, kadahi emulsion lobster ginger jicama roll, mango mint chutney, rice paper
gajar halwa tarts, pistachio tuile mission figs, mimolitte 1 yr aged cheese, spiced cashew hot chocolate masala chai burnt orange kheer with citrus pomegranate basil salad